Median Project

Cancha De Golf Landscape Median Renovation Plan

The District has developed plans to replace the aging and diseased Queen Palms in the Cancha De Golf median with King Palms, along with some Peppermint Willow trees. These King Palms will match the palms planned for the perimeter of the shopping center selected by the developer of Palma De La Reina. The new King Palms will be younger, healthier, self-cleaning, and more attractive than the existing Queen Palms. New energy efficient LED up-lighting will replace the existing lighting. Governor Brown’s emergency drought guidelines banned the watering of turf medians such as the medians in Cancha De Golf. Therefore, the turf in these medians will be replaced with new low lying drought tolerant shrubs. The District is also proposing shifting the western sidewalk along Cancha De Golf to allow for the planting of a privet hedge along the sidewalk.

Based on community input received at several public meetings, this project has been placed on hold pending further public input.

Below are links to:

Artist’s rendering of the new median plantings
Median landscape plans (Sheet 1) (Sheet 2)
Fact sheet on the new median plantings